Customer Feedback


CUSTOMER: Simon Hosell
DATE: 06/11/2012
I would just like congratulate yourselves and Volkswagen on having an exceptional member of your sales team Mohammad Allouzi.

I brought a new VW Golf R from your Dubai Branch ordered in May 2012 delivered in September 2012 and the service I received during the process was exceptional. May I say that Mohammad acted in a professional manner throughout the process understanding my frustrations and handling them in a prompt and courteous manner. His genuine nature, personality and eagerness to assist during my experience of purchasing a Volkswagen was one that would guarantee my return to your branch and brand when it is time to upgrade or change my car in the future, Mohammad is a true asset to your business and his expertise and service will guarantee future business and customer satisfaction.

I hope that my feedback will be shared with Mohammad as although people are quick to complain not many people find the time to praise for outstanding service which is very much what Mohammed provided to me.

Well done once again

Sales Consultant: Mr. Mohammed Allouzi
Volkswagen Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Anthony & Christina Stavrou
Just want to give you feedback on your service department in Al Quoz. We have been servicing our car with your centre now for 6 months. We have had the kind attention and great service of all your staff, although outstanding service has been provided by both Nabeel Butt and Matthew Diaz. Their professional service and kind attention to the smallest detail has made our experience with your service centre such a pleasurable experience. We look forward to continuing our patronage to your centre, and would appreciate it if you would pass on our comments to your staff members.

Service Advisor: Mr. Nabeel Butt Team Leader: Mr. Matthew Dias
Porsche Service Centre, Al Quoz
CUSTOMER: Taeko Hirakawa
DATE: 21/10/2012
Id like to mention that Mr. June has been very professional, attentive, and accommodating. He knows how to listen to customers and to find out their needs. Im now driving my second Beetle and its been about six to seven years since I started visiting your workshop. And for all those years Mr. June has been the best advisor in my opinion. I appreciate his professionalism both in work and attitude. I hope that you will recognize his continuous efforts to achieve better and the contribution to your team.

Service Advisor: Mr. June Pongase
Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Ankit Kapoor
DATE: 06/09/2012
Having experienced appropriate guidance, support and customer service at your service center I felt to mail a letter of appreciation for your staff and especially for the person who handled my car.

From the time of calling for recovery till the time of delivery my experience has been completely satisfactory.

I was well informed and updated with the status of my car. My personal thanks to person who handled my car and all support staff.

Service Advisor: Mr. Dennis Dizon

Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Hijas Mohammed
DATE: 11/09/2012
I would like to appreciate Mr. Halim, who used to attend my VW Touareg for his attitude, his job and patience he takes for attending my queries about the car and about the small complaints. This is my second Touareg. When I sold my first one after 3 yrs, I dont have to think twice for going again for Touareg because of the service offered at Nabooda by employee like Mr. Halim.

Service Advisor: Mr. Abdul Halim
Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Feras Al Haik
DATE: 27/08/2012
I bought a Touareg from your Volkswagen showroom in Dubai with the help of Miss Meena of your sales team.

Miss Meena was of great help. She is a fantastic salesperson, very knowledgeable about the products she is selling, genuine and cares for her customers. I very much appreciated her advice which was perfectly suited for my needs.

Her help and guidance throughout the purchase process was very valuable; and when the car was delivered to me, she took all her time explaining the features of the car, guarantee, insurance and service schedule.

I highly recommend her for a promotion.

Sales Consultant: Ms. Meena Mandrekar
Volkswagen Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Tsvetomira
DATE: 17/08/2012
I am writing this e-mail to express how pleased and grateful I am with the service I have received in Audi. My Sales Consultant's name is Vivek Sathish. I have bought a Q5, I have sent more detailed e-mail to his manager mentioning the same feedbacks and how valuable employee he is. I sincerely thank him in assisting me with my bank loan, keeping me updated throughout the sale process and making sure I get my car on time.

Sales Consultant: Mr. Vivek Sathish
Audi Pre-Owned Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Farida Ali
DATE: 12/06/2012
I would like to thank you for your utmost attention and assistance provided to me for selection and purchase of my new Volkswagen car. People like you are the one who make the difference and enhance the impression of the business. This is to highlight the fact that your customer service is above expectation. Please keep up the excellent work.

Sales Consultant: Mr. Samer Tarabe
Volkswagen Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Zafer Achi
DATE: 30/04/2012
This is a message received from Mr Zafer Achi, Managing Director of McKinsey Middle East.

"Juste pour te dire que Hassan a fait un super boulot et m'a livre ma Audi plus vite que prevu. C'est rare et j'apprecie. Cet episode gagne ma loyaute a vie. Merci encore pour ton aide precieuse. Amities"

Translation: "Just to tell you that Hassan did a great job and delivered my Audi earlier as planned. This is rare and really appreciated. This episode wins my loyalty for life (to Audi). Thanks again for your help. With all my friendship."

Team Leader: Mr. Hassan Benaich
Audi Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Michael Szczepanski
DATE: 18/04/2012
Dear Hany,

Just a quick word of Thank You for such fantastic service you provide me while purchasing vehicle from your dealership.

It is very rare to come across such a professional person as yourself - Congratulations and wishing you lots of success.

It was great experience for me and enjoyment.

Sales Consultant: Mr. Hany George
Volkswagen Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Fares Churbaji
DATE: 18/04/2012
Dear Sirs,

My wife and I have recently purchased a second hand Audi A5 through a private sale, and as new Audi owners we wanted to let you know how extremely helpful Dale in your customer service centre was to us.

We were extremely impressed and feel very good about having purchased the car now that we know we are in safe hands with him.

In fact, the previous owners of the car recommended that we speak to him when we said we wanted to do a pre-purchase check of the car with the dealership, and he did not disappoint! He managed to arrange a check for us at short notice (otherwise we would have lost out on the car).

Dale was sensible, helpful, attentive and responsive! My wife and I are sure that he will do just great in his job and we very much hope that he will be rewarded in his career.

SERVICE ADVISOR: Mr. Dale Fernandes
Audi Centre Service Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road
CUSTOMER: Lee Richards
DATE: 09/04/2012
Dear Sajeev,

I would personally like to thank you for your professionalism and excellent customer service to ensure all the jobs were completed to my Amarok to the highest possible standard.

The vehicle was returned fully cleaned and finished. Please pass on my thanks to all the team who worked on my vehicle, the side bars look fantastic and really enhance the image of the vehicle. I may install a reversing camera so let me know when all the accessories have been fitted to the demo vehicle and I will come over to review.

In my organisation, employees who make a difference to the business are rewarded with Employee of the Month, I am not sure if you have a similar scheme at Al Nabooda but I would certainly nominate you for special recognition after displaying exemplary customer service.

SERVICE ADVISOR: Mr. Sajeev Thunoli
Volkswagen Commercial, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Angelina Lim
DATE: 09/04/2012
Dear Customer Service team

It is unusual for me to write a note of appreciation and thanks for good customer service but I would like to draw your attention to the exceptional service provided by your Service Advisor, Alwyn Francis.

Thanks to him going the extra mile and being customer centric, the driver was able to collect the car in time and sent it to me.

I just felt that someone who is so exceptional deserves a mention and he is certainly an exemplary role model for others.

Please pass this recognition to your management well done Al Nabooda! Alwyn thank you once again.

SERVICE ADVISOR: Mr. Alwyn Francis
Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Gladis Choueiri
DATE: 04/04/2012
To may it might concern

This is to thank Mr. Farooq for his professional and adequate help and service he gave us, for my car service. His consistence, and advice for us, made the service of V.W. very clear, quick and easy.

Apart of his friendly approach, he was a trusty person to talk and to follow up with my car problems.

Many thanks for him and for all the staff that help as well.

SERVICE ADVISOR: Mr. Farooque Shabbir
Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Dean Pillay
DATE: 13/03/2012
Dear Mr. Ravi,

I know most customers do not take time out to commend great service, but after my experience today 13/03/2012 it is only befitting that I commend one of your service advisor Mr. Shibu Thomas on his exemplary customer relations.

My experience for a service was seamless, Mr. Thomas was well organized to the extent he researched the car; client understood my expectations and still had time to greet with a smile. A courtesy call to advise the status was a welcome change and customer service like this is a rarity especially these days and the Middle East.

After this experience, it makes me as a Volkswagen owner more proud!

Thank you and I hope and trust Mr. Thomas is the benchmark that your customer relations are built on.

Keep up the great work!

Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Alejandro
DATE: 8/03/2012

One of the downsides to owning a Volkswagen is the location of your service center, and driving there for a service/repair is never convenient. However, every time I go, I am reminded how well run service center Volkswagen is. Particularly satisfactory is the customer facing staff, and specifically the technical service advisors. The technical advisors are always polite, well spoken and convey the technical aspect in a simple manner. They will normally call back and provide information when they promised. The treatment I received today was particularly exceptional, so many thanks to Alwyn, but my comment is true for all the staff.

I live in Dubai for 9 years now and I can really appreciate good customer service.

Please keep it up!

SERVICE ADVISOR: Mr. Alwyn Francis
Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Ayad Habboush
DATE: 4/03/2012
Dear Sirs,

I wish to convey my appreciation to Mr. Omar, Mr. Shiju and Mr. Shiham for their attention, care and courtesy during the last service carried out on my car. Clearly there is great improvement in the quality of the service compared to previously when staff showed less care and attention and did only what was reported and no more. Mr. Omar and Shiham were great and very technical and honest.

Please express my personal thanks to those mentioned.


Porsche Service Centre, Al Quoz
CUSTOMER: Roshan Maharaj
DATE: 6/02/2012
Hello Mr. June,

Thank you for been so professional and understanding. I am a perfectionist and a very difficult customer and you dealt with me for the past 4.5 years extremely well. I take this opportunity in commending you on a job well done.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Samer Wahab
DATE: 26/01/2012
Dear Mr. Ganesh,

Please advise that this email is for my appreciation for the service I got at Al Nabooda Volkswagen Service center, and from the Service Advisor Anoop.

Volkswagen Service Centre, Al Rashidya
CUSTOMER: Pavel Chuchalin
DATE: 24/01/2012
Dear Volkswagen team,

I just purchased a new car from Sheikh Zayed showroom. Mr. Ravi Polali was my assistant. Would like to thank him for the job he did, really appreciated. He helped me from A to Z, from explanation about different cars till tuning of my favorite station on radio. Excellent Service, Thank you!

Volkswagen Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road