"More than 60 % of all Porsches ever built are still on the road today. This record value speaks for itself. A pre-approved Porsche will give you plenty of driving pleasure; and with its comprehensive warranty, you can rest at ease and have the reassuring certainty to have made the right decision."

  Porsche Approved cars

  Selling your Porsche

Porsche Approved - this grade is given to pre-owned Porsche vehicles which meet the high quality standards of the Porsche brand. What distinguishes a vehicle from the Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Programme from a conventional pre-owned vehicle?

  • We check each vehicle using a 111-item checklist.
  • Repairs are carried out in line with the strict Porsche quality criteria.
  • You are given a 1-year guarantee which is valid around the world.
  • You benefit from the Porsche Assistance mobility guarantee.